SERP Toolkit

SERP toolkit is an All-in-One SEO tool set for your Google Sheet. No more manual process needed.



Install the Google Sheets Addon

Install the add-on from the G-Suite Marketplace.You just need a Google account to get started. (Don't forgot to get license key from below, 40% OFF)


Open App from Google Sheet Add-on 

From Google Sheet, click on Add-ons to open the our add-on. Select your tool to start the automation process. Then, click RUN after that.


Sit back and enjoy your result on Google Sheet

Your response will be recorded on to your Google Sheet. Make sure that you added the required key from settings. 

Annual License Key

SERP Toolkit licenses are sold per user per year basis.This includes unlimited Toolkit acces + yearly updates.
Limited time 40% OFF


Get Google search results into your Google Sheet with a button click. A tool that saves incredible work time not only for market researchers, keyword analyzers but also for many who needs to automate pull data to Google sheet.
You check out the add-on from the marketplace. 

Unfortunately free options is not at the moment, but you can contact to access a trial license key. Please upgrade to our starter plan to get full access. 

Your data is 100% secure. Our company ploicy is mainly to keep away from data violation services. We are also separating our environment clean from third party services using in our addon. The SERP toolkit add-on requires you to grant permissions to several services associated with your Google Account. It uses the simple and secure OAuth 2 protocol to get data from the user’s email and Google sheet access . Please read our privacy policy before using this add-on.

Contact us for the bulk license key pricing.