Employees Payroll Sheet

FREE Google Sheet template to create monthly payroll for your employees


  1. Make a copy of the Google Sheet template

Get the Sheet template and then make your own copy of the sheet.

  1. Edit Sheet according to your data

From Google Sheet, you can edit the default values from Employee DB Sheet. Do not make any changes to the Office Payroll & Sales Payroll.

  1. Open HR App from the add-on section

Use the Search and Add Employee section from the add-on interface to search & employees easily.

  1. Generate Payroll

You can generate payroll from the Office Payroll & Sales Payroll pages. Add your company name, select the month (this is for date), and add emails from the input section. Also, fill up the leave, incentive, and leave fields for a particular employee to generate the total amount.

Now, click on the Print & Email to download the pdf and send the email copy.

Demo Video


Add. Delete. Search Employees directly from the Google Sheet UI

Generate PDF report + Automated E-mail copy

Highly Customizable Source Code

Add Monthly Bonuses/Advances options

Keep Data Private in Google Sheets